Gianni di Fazio · Earth/Humans/Art

This cultural walk will lead us to the world of Gianni di Fazio, a contemporary autodidact artist based in Switzerland. A walk back to our origins, our inner thoughts and emotions; a walk in the alleys of unconsciousness through art… In cultures around the world we find Mother Earth as a primordial goddess, a personification... Continue Reading →

Vourgareli…a small taste of Epirus

Summer is here and if you have chosen Greece for your vacations, the options are many. In case you are more into mountains than beaches, Epirus is always one of the best places to visit. It is a region in northwestern Greece (map). Its name comes from the Greek word “apeiros” meaning “mainland” or “infinite”.... Continue Reading →

Aegina · The Greek Island of Arts and History

Just forty minutes away from Athens, Aegina is an ideal destination all year round. Apart from its nice beaches, the graphic alleys and its famous pistachios this island in the Saronic Gulf is full of art and history. So, let's sail together to discover the cultural treasures of Aegina… Για να διαβάσεις αυτό το άρθρο στα ελληνικά... Continue Reading →

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